SB 64 Aims To Curb Repeat Offenders In Alaska Posted

March 20, 2014 0 Comments | Posted in Swift Certain Fair Program News

Senator John Coghill spoke with us about Senate Bill 64 which aims to curb repeat offenders in Alaska and passed from the Senate to the House last week…

Coghill said the programmatic approach aims to increase accountability of non-dangerous individuals released through programs like 24-hour alcohol and drug monitoring and possibly residential programs.

Another portion  would implement swifter punishment for parolees who break the terms of their release.

Sen. Coghill: “They call it PACE: probation parole and accountability certain enforcement and what that says is you’re on probation or parole but if you violate the conditions of the probation its a swift and certain punishment, things happen right now.”

Read more and listen at Radio Kenai here.