PACE, Alaska

In October 2009, Carmen Gutierrez, a special assistant to the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Corrections, brought together the stakeholders from the Anchorage criminal justice system to consider a HOPE-style program. Petitions to revoke probation had increased to an average of twenty-five weekly in Anchorage, an unmanageable number to handle on a regular basis.

After studying HOPE and the possibility of implementing a similar program in Anchorage, the team had key members trained in Hawaii by HOPE staff and launched the pilot PACE (Probation Accountability with Certain Enforcement) in July 2010. The program began with twenty-nine offenders and added an additional fifty offenders over the next six months, utilizing a randomized-control design on this initial group to rigorously study the effectiveness of the pilot.

Because the program was explicitly based on HOPE and was implemented with the assistance of the HOPE team, there were no major departures from the HOPE model. Initial results were encouraging, and the success of the pilot allowed the program to expand. The success of the program eventually led the state legislature to authorize a statewide expansion of the program in April 2014.

PACE, Alaska Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage.
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Larry Cohn, Executive Director Alaska Judicial Council