Hillsborough County Superior Court unveils intensive probation program

March 6, 2015 0 Comments | Posted in Swift Certain Fair Program News

CONCORD — A ground-breaking program is being introduced at Hillsborough County Superior Court-North in Manchester that is dedicated to changing the way probation will be approached for individuals who are at risk of reoffending and recycling through the state’s jails and prisons. The first Warning Hearing under the New Hope Program is scheduled for March 10 at 1:00pm.

Tina L. Nadeau, Chief Justice of the Superior Court system, will preside at the hearing that will include ten inductees who have been identified by their probation officers as high-risk individuals. Over time, the capacity of the program will allow up to 40 participants.

Nadeau stressed that New Hope is not a drug court for the deeply addicted or violent offenders. “This program is meant for users and abusers of drugs who can stop on their own, or with minimal assistance, but who will benefit greatly from having sanctions imposed on them more quickly and in a more meaningful way than is currently the practice. New Hope is a way for the court to get offender’s attention early on, hold the offender accountable for every probation violation and get the offender on track in order to have a better chance at changing destructive behavior and returning them to the community as law abiding citizens. Over time, we believe this approach will lead to a lower recidivism rate and save our corrections systems money, as it has in Hawaii where the program first started,” she said.

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